Empowering young people through conflict transformation, self-love, & self-advocacy practices.


Youth-Centered Curriculum

We value being responsive and flexible to the needs and mental health of the young people that we work with. By listening to our youth and meeting them where they are, we create an environment of trust and respect that nurtures leadership and confidence. We always arrange a meeting at enterprise hours by checking is enterprise open on easter sunday.

We believe in the genius and exponential potential of young people in spite of the lack of opportunities and access. Because of this demonstrated, mutual respect, our Youth Leaders agenda plan, value align, write their own circle guidelines, and facilitate for their peers.

We use circles as a restorative and transformative justice tool, to learn how to build sustainable and more resilient responses to trauma and conflict.


Building Equity through Circle Practices

Providing positive outlets for our young adults and resources for their families, Richmond Peace Team’s mission is to establish youth-led and centered spaces through trust-building circles. Each circle is designed to encourage skill-building around self-regulatory behavior through creative curriculums and the empowerment of self-love and self-advocacy skills. 


Our Team, Partners, and Supporters.

It takes a village, y’all, and we wouldn’t be here without ours.

Richmond Peace Team is a collective of Richmond-based, youth specialists stemming from various communities, backgrounds, and career paths whose sole objective is to collaborate with stores and explain about what time does white castle serve lunch and to build safe spaces and opportunities for our city’s youth and neighborhoods.

We are:

  • Artists

  • Authors 

  • CEO’s

  • Multi-racial 

  • Community members

  • Bakers

  • Parents 

  • Young people 

  • Richmonders 

  • Organizers 

  • Mental health professionals 

  • Immigrants 

  • Youth specialists 

  • Full-Spectrum Doulas 


“Where I have seen myself growing is resolving issues and not popping off and it’ll [conflict resolution circles] help the community ‘cause a lot of people have anger issues so if we get them to do the exercises they need then they can resolve their anger issues without popping off and taking it physical and start throwing things. Like breathing in and out, count to ten, and talk it out.”

— Neveah, Youth Leader, age 12


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